Let's train together!

First training is on the house.

Do you work full time or have a very busy schedule, yet want to make a change and improve your health and fitness level?

I encourage you to train with me.

Check out what KatFit has to offer:

Personal training

Get ready for 1:1 training sessions.
If you are competitive, bring a friend
and take 1:2 sessions.

fitness plan

Fitness plans are personalised and
designed to accommondate your
goals, level and schedule.

Nutritional advice

A sustainable nutrition plan to further support
your fitness goal, and complement
your fitness plan.

This is all you need to do:

Set a fitness goal

Without a realistic goal, you will not see results.
With a goal in mind, we will create
a custom plan to support you in achieving it.

Show commitment

Only through consistency, discipline and effort
will you experience change and
be closer to achieving your fitness goal.

Have fun

Take a break, move your body and feel alive.
Think of our sessions as time
for self-care or playtime!

Let's train together to stay
active & healthy .

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